Christopher Goneau - Real Estate Broker


I devote myself to serving the needs of my clients before, during and after each sale. You can expect me to keep in touch even after the transaction has closed. I will send you valuable information each month, and will also call from time to time just to check in and see if I can be of any help. It is not my intention to only satisfy my clients, its my in-tention to AMAZE them. 

"Jason and I would like to take a moment to really Thank You. I know we have thanked you along the way but now we are in our amazing home and after all is said and done, we want to truly Thank You. "You have honestly helped us tremendously. Sometimes I was surprised at the things you did for us to make our lives easier and less stressful. You went above and beyond what we thought a realtor should do, and we are so very grateful for it. Especially when we were not sure what the best course of action was at the time, you always had the best advice. We trusted your judgement all the way both while selling and in buying, and knew you were always honest with us. That's one of the best things we love about you - honesty, and having your client's best interest at heart. 

Thank you for having fun with us, entertaining our many viewing requests, taking time out of your schedule to do the extra things and for keeping in touch with us over the years. It's hon-estly really sweet knowing you have helped us with both of our homes! Chris, we are happy to have you as our realtor and friend. You're one of a kind.

Chanel & Jason